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Abuja girls photo

Abuja is known as the best purpose-built city in Africa, except that one of the richest and most expensive, but the population in semi-developed edges of the city to live in the countryside, such as Karu, Nasarawa State of.

Abuja beautiful girls photo

Abuja beautiful girls photo

Nkoy offers a variety of contemporary cuisine and western Nigeria emphasis on fresh ingredients and orderly presentation. Egusi pounded yam, Jollof / fried rice or pepper soup actually in Nigeria, but the freshness makes a special gift. Nkoy also serves exotic grills from other parts of the world.

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Abuja beautiful girls photo

The character of Abuja has been shaped by two renowned rock formations around. These are the Zuma Rock Aso Rock. The first is known as the “Gateway to Abuja and the Federal Capital Territory begins at the base, where the state of Niger ends. It is also reported that the exact geographical center of Nigeria. The Aso Rock is in charge of Abuja and the town is located south of the rock.

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